Thursday, July 19, 2007

Picture Upadate... (sorry, not much time to narrate)

Shane graduates the LMC Fire Academy on July 2nd.

A silly truck I saw on our drive to Medford. Hopefully you can read the small print.

The mildly offensive unbelievably piggish flooring truck I saw at Jack in the Box on our trip to Medford.

Home Sweet Home!
(Don't be fooled by the cozy facade, the inside reeks of cat and old lady sour foot)

Lex and her cousin Tally playing on a trampoline with a sprinkler underneath.

The cutest pic I've seen of Lex in a long time. You'd never know she spends most of her day in time out.

Can't forget the Winski. He's growing so fast and is still a total shrimp. 4th of July.