Monday, May 21, 2007

Growing Up

I was wandering around on the Internet today, mostly on MySpace I'm ashamed to admit, and I had a terrible feeling that I'm older than I thought I was. Up until a few hours ago I thought I was a grown up but mostly just mature for my age. I've been married for decades (ok, about 4 years), I have two kids and am pregnant with my third. Most of my church friends are in similar situations but that's a Mormon thing. When I was snooping around in the lives of my high school classmates I was disturbed to find that many of them are now married and starting their own families. All those kids I never thought would grow up are finally catching up to me. Has that much time passed? As 2009 is coming closer I'm starting to feel like I need to keep looking over my shoulder to see if Lifetime is following me around for their next 10 year High School reunion movie. Can't say I'd want to watch that one. These days I'm not even sure if I'd want to go. Could staying home stop the clock?

Monday, May 14, 2007

What to say (or not to say) to your wife on Mother's Day...

My first blog and I must say that I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my dear sweet husband. No, really. Yesterday was such a disaster that I've run out of friends to complain to. So, I've decided to publish my rantings in hopes of finally feeling satisfied.

I should start off with just how great my Shane really is. Once, when we were dating, I was following him to the freeway when we approached a stop sign. He put his truck in park, ran to my car. I of course was rolling down the window to see what was going on. Without a word he stuck his head in the window, kissed me and ran back to his truck. It's been over four years and he is that same man. I love him dearly and know that he does much more than most husbands do. I am thankful for the blessing he is in my life.

But... Life has been pretty trying lately. Shane works full time and is in a Fire Academy that consumes two nights a week and usually both Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday was the first time I've seen him for more than an hour or so in the past I don't know how long. We have two kids. Alexis is 4 months shy of 3 and Owen is 7 months. They are amazing but kids all the same. Did I mention that I'm three months pregnant???? (note: breastfeeding in no way shape or form is a method of birth control.) I am exhausted. And I'm pleased to report that although I have been lacking the energy to clean and cook I do keep my babes clean and fed. And I don't complain to Shane very much (thanks to Sarah and her ability to let me vent). So, now that you know my recent history you can proceed to my list of "What to say (or not to say) to your wife on Mother's Day."

  1. Do NOT wonder aloud why you need to say "Happy Mother's Day" to a woman that is not Your mother yet sincerely wish your sister-in-law one (in front of your wife).
  2. DO offer to make breakfast even if it's a bowl of cold cereal.
  3. Do NOT eye your wife's homemade egg McMuffin and say "Mmm, that looks really good. How come you didn't ask if I wanted one?"
  4. Do NOT ask your wife if "She really expected not to have any responsibility tending to the kids today".
  5. DO Plan on something for dinner. Mothers are NOT supposed to make dinners on this day.
  6. Finally, do NOT expect a very happy father's day come June!

There, it's done. I'm feelign a bit less frustrated. Too bad I'm also feeling quite guilty. The good news is that we're young and far from done changing. I know he means well. And I'm sure next year will be better for us all.