Monday, May 21, 2007

Growing Up

I was wandering around on the Internet today, mostly on MySpace I'm ashamed to admit, and I had a terrible feeling that I'm older than I thought I was. Up until a few hours ago I thought I was a grown up but mostly just mature for my age. I've been married for decades (ok, about 4 years), I have two kids and am pregnant with my third. Most of my church friends are in similar situations but that's a Mormon thing. When I was snooping around in the lives of my high school classmates I was disturbed to find that many of them are now married and starting their own families. All those kids I never thought would grow up are finally catching up to me. Has that much time passed? As 2009 is coming closer I'm starting to feel like I need to keep looking over my shoulder to see if Lifetime is following me around for their next 10 year High School reunion movie. Can't say I'd want to watch that one. These days I'm not even sure if I'd want to go. Could staying home stop the clock?