Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I tried to have a little photoshoot with Nathan this morning so we can get some announcements together. This is the best of the batch. I think I'll try again.

If anyone has any baby pic taking tips I'd love to hear them. Esp. on how to get around the double chin.



eRiCa said...

The double chin is the best :) It's a great picture. I'm not sure what sort of picture you're going for but I love swaddling the baby in a plain blanket...they dont move much so they're not blurry and they look so little and cuddly. Let me know if you want more info :)

stephen & lauren reber said...

Personally, I love the double chin look. And I agree with Erica. Nothing cuter and softer than a swaddled baby...particularly appropriate for Christmas!

Sarah said...

I also love the double chin! I love baby chub :) I think Nathan all swaddled would be darling - great idea Erica :) Good luck Kenz!

Kenz said...

Next time life slows down for a minute I'm going to try the swaddle pic. I'm just worried that he'll come out looking like a GloWorm. Those were cool, though. Our swaddling technique is pretty tight. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I love hearing from everyone.

Nortorious said...

Throw the kid over your shoulder while wearing a black shirt. Make sure your hair is clean.

kenz said...

I'm liking the black shirt idea. I should probably get a trim first. It's about time to tame the split ends. Should it be a hair only shot or is there a background. What sort of background? or is it a close close-up without any background showing, just baby, black and a bit of hair?