Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am not depressed

Just thought I'd put that out there for anyone who might be confused. My life is a little tough right now with all the stuff going on with jobs, kids, schooling, and owning a new home. There are bad days. I'm pretty sure everyone has bad days.

I'd also like to mention that I am a slob. I was raised in a way that allowed me to abstain from much of picking up after myself and cleaning in general. (My parents are not happy about this, I just happened to be a stubborn and defiant child.) This revelation may seem unnecessary but read on for its relevance.

I am working on my straightening up abilities. I guess you could say I'm in recovery from my slobbyness. It's a process. It is unfortunate that I have to publicly admit to such an unsightly flaw but I've recently been notified that my messy house is a clear indication of my apparent depression and lack of ability to manage my life and take care of my children. Therefore I should read about Brook Shields. The concern is duly noted. Anyone that still has 'concerns' about my well being should feel free to direct those concerns to me. It will save time, frustration and avoid misconceptions.

I am not fond of back talking and have enough of it going on at work with a certain person I will not mention here. Feel free to call and get the dish on that one.


Stephen & Lauren Reber said...

Hmmm...three kids and your house isn't always clean!! Shocking :)

Kenz said...

I probably should have stated that Shane was not the antagonist in this little story.