Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here ya go...

PopPop came ups for a visit last week. I really enjoyed having him here. We hung out and ate and talked and I really enjoyed our time together. I think I enjoyed it more because he was here during the week so I didn't feel pressured to plan something.

On Friday we took the kids to the mall for hair cuts and so they could play at the indoor play area. There were some of those mechanical car things (like the ones you try to avoid at the grocery store by going in the other door so your kid can't see. Ya doesn't work for me either). Anyway, since we were with PopPop the kids got to go until I got sick of standing there. At first I thought Lex was on the longest ride ever then I realized PopPop kept pumping quarters into the machine. Two quarters a ride, we almost cleared him out. It made me think of all the times my dad would give us money to play games or do kid rides at Round Table. He was very generous. Then I started thinking about all the 'things' I wanted as a kid that I didn't get and how I can't remember what they were but I can remember the fun I had with those quarters. So, in conclusion: I think PopPop has it right, money is better spent on experiences than materials. Something I'll have to practice because I still really like stuff.

Our PopPop

One of the many rides.

When we were in CA for Mother's Day Nana cut Lexie a rose for her to take home. I love this picture because my Mama would always cut one of her roses for me after a sleepover. Isn't that so sweet?!

The happiest baby ever. He is so stinkin' cute. And he LOVES his new jumper. We don't have door jams in our living area so we had to get this one. When I hung our old one in my room I caught Lex and Owen taking turns pushing Nate really high. (At least they were sharing, right?!)

I am desperately sick of doing captions so here's the run down: I've been planting up a storm. We have tons of goodies out back. The kids love to help so this is us planting our new dwarf blueberry bushes. And Lex in my new gardening hat which eclipses any area you are trying to work on because she is shorter and always has to help. Owen likes to dig up things I've already planted like my parsley. We are also very crafty these days. The pics are of the kids painting egg carton caterpillars. They turned out pretty dang cute. I should have taken a pic of the finished project. Last pic is Lex wearing one of my aprons when she was helping in the kitchen. She was very proud of herself. And actually was pretty helpful that day, maybe it was the apron.


holly said...

Alyssa wants to know if you have any panties on underneath that? And she loves seeing You, Owen and Nate the Skate on the blog, keep the photos coming. Love Alyssa and P.s. thank you for the letter in the mail

Kenzie Rose said...

Yes, there are panties under the apron. She had to strip off her princess gown so the dangley sleeves would not get caught in the food processor.

Kenzie Rose said...

You can actually see her crumpled up dress on the floor in the pic.

Stephen + Lauren Reber said...

I love all of the picture updates---Lexie is looking more and more like her momma, crazy kids grow so fast!

Sarah said...

Kenz, I can't believe how grown up your kids are!! They are looking so big to me, when did that happen? Didn't you just barely move?