Monday, December 29, 2008

Owen received a battery powered quad for Christmas from Nana. He rode it properly for the first minute then came up with this alternate way to ride all on his own. He is such a crack up!

Me and my beloved Wii. Thank you uncle Zacky. Nana gave me the Wii Fit. Woo Hoo!!

Christmas Jammie Picture! (Need to do a bit of editing on the whole family pic. Ü )

My Nateski.

Mommy's boys.

We had a very nice Christmas this year (all things considered). It was hard not to get caught up in Dad not being there but I did a pretty good job of keeping it to myself so it wasn't one big sob fest. As usual, Shane helped my relax and enjoy myself. Family is definitely the best gift of all.
We miss you PopPop.


maria said...

When I see those pictures, I can hardly wait to get my hands on those kids. Looks like everyone made out with a lot of great things for presents. Hopefully I'll be home this week. Seems like I've been gone soooo long. I hope the kids missed me at least as much as I missed them. Our meager presents are still at the house, but I'd like to have a little get together when we return, maybe a family home evening, and let them open them. Anxious to see all of you. love, Mom

Tana said...

Wonderful! And I like the blog colors. I have deja vu!

maria said...

Mackenzie, I keep looking every day two or three times for new pictures, as I'm so lonesome for those kids I can hardly stand it.Grandpa talked me into letting him have my plane ticket and returning early, as he had important farm things to accomplish, and I am flying home Monday the 5th. Have the red carpet and band ready, GRANDMA'S COMING HOME!!!! I want to do a sleep over; I don't care if it's at my house or yours, I just wamt to snuggle those little bodies as close as I can get to them. Owen better be able to tell me something, and not in "Tuckish" like his cousin is so fluent in. Let's have a big FHE and exchange presents and have goodies and maybe I'll even decorate a tree!!!(just kidding) But really, I have been known to keep my tree up till Valentines Day, just cause I like the Christmas season so darned much. See you all real soon. I love you guys, Mom

Sarah said...

Mackenzie! It looks like a perfect Christmas! I'm sad we missed you guys again, but I totally understand. It is so hard when you go home, so many people to see and so many things to do and never enough time! :) One of these days though :) We also got a Wii and I can't believe how good Anna is at it! It is so fun. You'll have to let me know how the Wii Fit is. And I am so, so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you're doing okay, I'm sure the holidays were really hard. Hang in there!!!