Monday, November 5, 2007

Baby Nate

For those of you who don't already know... we had our baby last Friday. He was born at 9:03pm weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and is 19 inches long. We named him Nathan Avery Neville.

Since I'm getting tired of telling the labor story I'll write it here and hopefully that will be the end of that.

Contractions started at 4am Friday. Went in to work (@ the hospital) at 7am. Contractions continued all day and I finally clocked out 2 hours short of my full shift at 3:30pm. Walked over to the Family Birth Center. Met Shane walking through the doors. Was admitted around 5pm. Epidural around 6:30ish. Hooray! Though we'd get some rest but the nurse checked and dilation was complete. Dr. called. He showed up just in time to catch baby Nate after 2 pushes. Everything went really well on my end. I'm home and feeling pretty dang good.

Unfortunately, the speedy delivery wasn't so perfect for Nate. He got some fluid in his lungs and after only a few minutes on my tummy he was being given oxygen and whisked off the NICU. He's been there ever since. The main concern is that he's been breathing so fast around 100 bpm when he should be in the 40-60 range. His oxygen level is low also. The NICU nurses are really great and he has an excellent Pediatrician. It's slow going but he's getting better each day. No one can tell us when he'll be able to go home but we're hoping and praying that it is soon. He is a very sweet little boy.

Lex and Owen are doing well. Lex has finally decided to use the potty. We are very proud of her. Owen is starting to walk. He's up to about 5 steps at a time. He is still a very goofy kid.

Shane starts his new (2nd) job this weekend. He has been such a trooper and a awesome leader of our family. We are very overwhelmed right now and I am so grateful that he has continued to put his shoulder to the wheel. We are very grateful for all your kind thoughts, wishes and prayers. Please keep them coming.



hollybygolly said...

Another "Fozzy Head" in the making. He looks like Shane, hope he comes home soon, I'll be sending a package asap.

Uno said...

Kenz, Shane And Family

We are so excited for you and want you all to know that we are praying for you and for Nate. All will be well....You have made a great sacrifice to bring one of our Heavenly Fathers choice spirit's to this Earth and He will greatly bless you! In Argentina their is a saying that Babies bring a loaf of bread with them when they are born....You will be blessed! Congratulations! Felicidades!

Gabriel Marcela Samuel and Mason

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness you guys are such a darling little family!! Congratulations, Mackenzie! Nate is so sweet, we're praying that he'll be able to come home soon. We hope that things keep going well and I'm so glad that you have so many wonderful family members around to help out :)

Paige said...

Congrats on that sweet, adorable boy! So happy your labor was so easy. I can't believe how many babies you have now! Just looks a little familiar.

Lubniewski said...

Congrats. All our love, Ian and Erin.

Erica said...

Congratulations! I hope he's doing better now. What an adorable little family you have!