Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Update on Nathan

Nate is still in the NICU. He's 5 days old now and it is very strange to not have him home with us. His respirations are getting slower but he's still on oxygen and tires easily when he trys to nurse. The good news is that he is trying. We still don't know how long he'll be in there. No one can seem to give us an estimate. It's very frustrating.

I took this pic this afternoon. I love his sweet little hands under his chin.

We were on the news last night. I know some of you saw it. I didn't get a chance to see it. The story was about how busy the NICU is and they asked to film Nate for a few minutes. 5 days old and already making the news.


Uno said...

Hang in there you guys!

We are praying for you.


Gabriel, Marcela Samu and Mace

hollybygolly said...

He looks healthy, I hope you can take him home soon, I know how that feels to have a newborn in the hospital, (twice) and it is such a relief to go to the hospital and get them and bring them in your home to fatten them up. I'm still looking for a cute winter outfit for Nate and for Austin,( since the package was lost).

The Taylor Family said...

What a sweetheart! I'm so glad to hear he is doing better. We'll keep you in our prayers.

stephen & lauren reber said...

I can see why they would want to film him for the news. He is just beautiful. Congratulations to you both and our prayers are with you. He looks so healthy to me that i'm sure this time will go by fast.

Oh, and for other less important matters, I just found out from Crystal that you had my name for the recipe swap and I think you should just let the ball drop on that one. I already have dozens of great recipes from you and I'm sure it would be healthy to just forget about one thing in your overwhelming life!!

I know you'll do so great with your three sweet babies. Keep us updated on Nate's progress.

Janette said...

Hi there!

I just saw that Erin has your blog link on hers. I just wanted to say hello, at the risk that you don't remember me.

Your Nate is so sweet. There is something about reading about a new birth that puts a lump in my throat. They're such little miracles. I'm hoping that he's home and growing like a weed by now. I'll have to stop back by to check on him. Your family is beautiful and you look amazing!



Jennifer said...

What a sweetheart. You are in our prayers.
The Capsons

Shaun and Janelle said...

Congratulations on #3. I hope things are improving everyday. We will keep you guys and especially baby Nate in our prayers. Much love to you all.

Shaun and Janellle