Friday, February 29, 2008

I posted the other day about bananas. Yep, bananas. You probably read it already and that's not important. What is important is that I've put off updating everyone on our events and pictures for over two months now. So here they our... Our life in pictures. Christmas eve to last week.

Christmas Eve @ PopPop & Omi's

Our handsome litte Pin hung out in the tupperware drawer for a good part of the night. He's adorable so he gets away with quite a bit.

Nathan had a rough go of things but his little outfit was adorable, if I do say so myself. And what a cute little chicken leg.
Kenz and Nate.

Shane and Nate


This is how I ate a good portion of my dinner. It was a bit uncomfortable but on the bright side it did cut down on the amount of Christmas calories I consumed!

Proof that Lexie is a pill.

Lex and her 2nd cousin, Rachel. This is after they opened all their presents and proof that buying gifts for children is more for the parents than the kids since they'd rather jump on the bubble wrap the gift came in.

Christmas Morning

Our offical jammie pictures. Every year we give eachother new jammies on Christmas eve. Then Christmas morning we take a family pic. Yes, we are very cute.

This second jammie pic is the better one but Nate has a cute little smile in the first one!

Christmas Morning @ Nana's


Nana's getting married!


Spoiled Rotten. Rotten. Rotten. Daddy Warbucks, I mean Uncle Zacky bought his little niece Alexis a car. Pink of course. She was extatic. Owen was excited beyond words. And you'll notice Momo was chucked in the trunk. There was lots of laughing as the swerved down the street. We're trying to teach her to keep her eyes on the road. Maybe Nana can take her for her first drive. Right Mom! Ha Ha


Little Nateski. Too funny!


Dan and Jacque let us have Austin for a few hours one night so we had a little baby cousin photoshoot. It must have been a little too long because Austin got hungry and tried to eat Nate. We gave him a bottle instead. :0)

Dress Up Fun

Lexie loves dressing up. And she loves sharing her dress up clothes with Talli. And even with her stinky little brother.

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, Dan and Shane took Jacque and I to see a play at a little theater in Talent, OR. It was really fun to go to the show and the acting was great but I wasn't a big fan of the play, Soctology. You can Google it if you want a synopsis.

Valentine's Day weekend, Nana came for a visit. She took me to Ashland for the day and we stayed in a hotel there. I got to do what ever I wanted, including; shopping, eating, drinking Diet Coke, consuming lots of chocolate and taking a lovely 3.5 hour nap. It was pure heaven. Here are a few pics from our mini-vakay.


Strange man we saw downtown earilier in the day turned up at our hotel. In case you can't tell, he's wearing a colorful tie-dye shirt tucked into his kilt and yes, those are knee high tube-like socks he's got on with his Tevas.


Nightstand Carnage.

Our little fireplace. Nothing says cozy like a few glowing plastic logs. Check out the power cord to the right of the logs.

We even had a telephone in our bathroom. In case we ran out of toilet paper?!

Nana and Owen after we returned home.


Kenzie Rose said...

I am so annoyed at how long it took me to do this post and how crappy it turned out. AAAhhhh!

And why is one of my captions so teeny tiny that you can't even read it???

I give up.

Sarah said...

Wow! What an update! It looks like you guys are having so much fun in Oregon :) I totally love your hair, it looks really cute on you. And Anna saw the pictures of Lexie driving her car and Anna said, "I want a car, too, mommy!" Lucky Lexie! :)