Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Owen has two ears, one, two...

If you know that Elmo tune I am very sorry for you. It gets stuck in my head all the time! But it's quite relevant at the moment.

Since moving to Medford, Owen has had eight documented ear infections. Several times both ears were infected. We've been through the whole round of antibiotics at least twice and have had to resort to shots as well. We were on our way to get tubes. Yikes! They were going to put my little guy under and slice holes in his tiny little ear canals to help them drain. It's pretty routine. But surely a last resort and it doesn't prevent all infections, just some. The tubes do make it easier to self diagnose (fluid oozing out of ears) and treat (not anti-bs just some ear drops). We were all set to go (did the pre-op and everything) when we found out about an alternative.

Lou Ann (my stepmom, Lexie's Omi) heard about and researched preventing ear infections through chiropractic. I know some people think Chriropractors are con artists of the medical profession but I nannied for one (thank you Lori) and experienced the difference myself. It's a little scary to let someone 'adjust' (never say 'crack' around a chiropractor) your 16 month old. But we went for it and have had great results so far. It's been over two weeks and Owen hasn't showed any signs of an ear infection. He doesen't wake up screaming anymore. I think it's working. Click here and here for two articles about how it works. And I'll update again in a few weeks.


Gary Church said...

Would LOVE to hear more ... Ryan has had 6 double ear infections in 3 1/2 months. He too, is set for tubes. Ugh.