Thursday, April 3, 2008

Help Please! :0)

Hey everyone! I meant to send out this request a few weeks ago. Sorry it's short notice...

I'm sure you all know that Shane's been trying to get into the Fire Service. Not an easy task! He just recently turned in an application for Jackson County District 5 and we're really hoping and praying for the best. This is where you come in... We're hoping you'll join us in a family fast this weekend. We can use all the help and well wishes that we can get and will appreciate every bit of your efforts.

The department begins it's testing process in a week or two (they're going to let us know). This will only be Shane's 3rd attempt at getting on with a station but we'd really like to bypass the usual several years it takes most guys to get hired. We all know how fabulous Shane is we just need that to reflect in his interviews and testing. So if you're willing and able please join us in fasting this General Conference Sunday.

Thanks so much!!

Kenz, Shane & Kiddos


shaun said...

Good luck, Shane. I will be fasting and praying with you. I hope you guys will post something as soon as you know the result. Good luck.

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stephen & lauren reber said...

I checked too late to join the fast today. But, I will join you for the praying part and will add you to my fast next week! Good luck :)