Friday, March 28, 2008

Watch out here I come!

I've been given the go ahead on the chocolate. I still can't have real milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, or any other major dairy product but chocolate got the go-ahead from nurse Amy (we love nurse Amy. Seriously, she's been great).

Anyhow, this blessing came just in time for the Easter candy sale. And you'll never guess what I found... Click here Yes, I did buy it. It's hybernating in my freezer until I work my way through the 4 bags of smaller eggs (not to be confused with the foil wrapped variety) and several reg size individuals. They're going fast though so if I'm not sick before I get to the prize I'll let you know how I fared. 'Till then, happy binging.

PS Shane was actually shocked to find an empty bag of eggs at the computer that was full earlier today. Silly man.


Stephen + Lauren Reber said...

I love thinking about you eating your chocolate as you write this post. I can do the same thing to a big bag of m&ms!