Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Few Little Picture Updates

Lex has become quite the fashionista these days. It all began when Nana bought her some colorful socks. So Lexie, always needing more than the norm, thought to herself... "Why just wear one color when you mix and (not) match?" I haven't figured out why we still match her socks when folding laundry. Naturally, she couldn't stop at the socks and that's where the shoes come in. Goodness knows, what's next?

Could he be the next Mikhail Baryshnikov?

Or maybe just the star of Robin Hood: Men in Tights,
The Next Generation

Somehow a pair of Lexie's baby tights made it onto our son.

Please don't call CPS.

Daddy and Owen.

Bonding for some of the few moments we get to see Shane in between work and the Fire Academy.

Lexie --- In the new 'Naughty Spot'.

Again... Please do not call CPS.
(She did get in on her own I swear! No children were harmed in the making of this blog.)


stephen & lauren reber said...

He he he. I love your new naughty spot. That's a classic photo.

And I would love for anyone to tell him how to teach a child to "match." I'm still working on it myself!

Eric and Camille said...

Yay Mackenzie, I was excited to hear about your blog. I am so happy you started one, and it is very cute!!

Sarah said...

Where can I get myself one of those naughty spots? It's brilliant ;) Love the pictures, and Lexie "matching" is so cute.