Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mermaids & Tadpoles

Today we went swimming with some of our friends. It was definately the highlight of Lexie's day. She loves her friends. Today was also the first day she tried out 'water wings'. Anna brought a pair for Lexie and for Ella and was kind enough to show them the ropes. It took a few minutes but Lex sort of got the hang of it. We had a minor set back when Anna gave her an up-close tutorial on how to spit water like a fountain. But all in all I'd say the floaties were a success.

Owen also got a little time in the water today. He was a bit nervous at first but relaxed after a bit. He got to ride around in Kayla's frog floatie. We traded our ladybug in for the frog in order to get some more masculine pics. He's quite the tough guy these days. I couldn't find his sun hat so I rubbed sunscreen on his fuzzy little head. Nana calls him Dandilion Head. She's pretty sure if you blew hard enought all his fluff would fly away. That would be some wish you'd get to make.

These are my favorite pics from today.

Thank you Lauren for taking these cute pics! And thanks to Photoshop for helping me hide my 'wobbly bits'.

We had such a great time at the pool today. Unfortunately, as usual I sunscreened the kids and bypassed myself. There was a moment when I was putting Lexie on the edge of the pool that I noticed a happyface sticker in her hair. I couldn't figure out where it came from. Later when I got home I noticed a very white, perfect circle on my scortched shoulder. Sadly, it took an hour or so to put two and two together.

NOTE TO SELF: Always wear sunscreen while in the sun, even if it takes an extra five minutes of keeping Lexie at bay. Also, check for stickers.


stephen & lauren reber said...

I totally got burned too. That's a good lesson for me to hear as well. At least the little ones came home unscathed.

Sarah said...

Hahaha... sorry, but that's really funny :) And sorry about the fountain as well!

The Taylor Family said...

Hey...Photoshop...I never thought of that!