Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chicago Concert

For my company's employee appreciation event, Asante, rented out a mini version of the Concord Pavillion and we got to see Chicago live. Sounds pretty cool I bet. Did you know there are 8 band members? I had no idea. I know only the popular ones. They played 3 or four of those and I can't say they brought me back because they sounded pretty funky. How old are they now anyway? We were in the front of the nosebleeds.

We did have fun though. We brought sandwiches and shared a blanket with Dan and Jacque. If you can't tell from the pic, Dan is Shane's brother. Jacque is his wife and appears to have swallowed a dinosaur egg. We're a bit concered what sort of dino she'll be having next month. Hopefully a vegan. Oh yeah, I chopped off my hair too. I did it right after we moved but this is the first pic I've posted.

And this is Chicago. Five in the front, three in the rear. Seriously, have there always been so many? The opening act turned out to be a local music shop owner. He is very fortunate to have a business to fall back on. He thought he was clever and funny but he was not. He also thought he was good (or so you'd think since he willingly opened for Chicago). He, in my oh so humble and talentless opinion, was not. One of his songs was about eating strawberries that tasted yummy. Another had something to do with praying at the river with a mexican and something to do with boobs.

I'm pretty sure this pic is self explanitory.

The best part of the concert was the crowd. This lovely couple reminded me of those ladies that watch talk shows and are under the impression that they are a part of the 'live studio audience' and that Oprah or whoever can hear them. They were also the only couple in the entire audience (I checked) that did the lighter thing. No joke. This is the picture I took of them with their lighters.

This lovely group provided much entertainment as they boggied their way through the show. Lots of wine and bootie shakin'.


Paige said...

Was Randy The DawG Jackson there so you could be in in Dawg Pound? Your hair is cute and those are impressive tushies in front of you.

stephen & lauren reber said...

I LOVE the haircut. It looks sweet on you. And it looks like the kids are adjusting well, making friends and having fun in a yard (dying or not--it's a yard!).

Sarah said...

It looks like you guys are doing so well up there!! I love that your kids have such wonderful cousin friends - so jealous :) And a big backyard, dead grass or not it's still a huge backyard! Also, so jealous! Fun haircut and we would love to see you guys when you're here. Sorry I haven't called you back, it has been CRAZY around here, but we'll plan on seeing you at the end of september, so fun :)

Eric and Camille said...

Gotta love those flash back concerts! It looks like you guys were kept entertained by the people surrounding you.
By the way, I really like your haircut, it turned out really cute!

Erica said...

K I have always told my husband if Chicago ever comes to concert in the nearby vicinity we'd be there..he's keeping his fingers crossed that they don't come within 3 states!!! lol...Loved this post!

bcholtfamily said...

Chicago is great. I have some of their songs on my "Power Songs" music list for running. Hope you're family is well!! We did go to Oregon (saw your post on my blog) but flew by airplane without the little ones.

Tell Shane "hello" and congrats on the firefighter thing!!

Cath & Bry Holt