Wednesday, August 8, 2007

You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

Some of you may remember my June 22nd post. We had an ultrasound yesterday and everything looks great (so I was told). And thankfully, our little guy seems to be making progress superficially speaking. He already looks less like a mini Igor.

The US Tech said he's about two pounds.
In this pic you can see all his little phalanges. He's got his hand up by his head. The head is the rather large round bit on the side. Sadly, the Neville/Steiner combo doesn't make for small headed babies. We produce the Fat-Headed variety around here. This one shows his little arm bones. Teeny Tiny Ulna, Teeny Tiny Radius. Teeny Tiny Baby with a Big Fat Head.


Paige said...

Cool pictures! Sorry about the big heads. Ouch