Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Few Snippits

Here's a bit of what the kids have been up to...

This is Owen pushing his little tractor around our backyard. He is crawling everywhere (even up the walls it seems). He pulls himself up and cruises the couch and walls. He gets into everything. His favorite pass time is sneaking into the bathroom, pulling himself up and banging his fat little palm on the tub. He also likes to ransack the cabinet drawers in there.(Yes, I am aware that there are methods of preventing drawer ransacking. We'll get there.) I must say my favorite thing about this picture is that it gives you the impression that our lawn is not dying/dead. Too bad you can't live in a picture.

Babies get pretty tired after crawling and ransacking. This is Owen sacked out last night. Alright, ya got me. This coma is partially Benedryl induced. He does have a cold though. Not exclusively foul play I promise.

Here's Lex kicking back on our mini front porch. She loves to sit there and watch all the ferrel cats scamper around. It seems there is no birth control of any kind on our street. Cats and kids run wild, mangey, and abundant. We're down at the end of the culdesac where the last 6 or so homes are thankfully well kept and occupied by normal people. Past those 6 homes it's a whole other world. We are thankful for the imaginary boundry.

Lex and Tally (her cousin). She can't get enough of this girl. You can tell from the pic that Lex is smitten. It is very cute how much she loves her cousins. And awesome how great her cousins are with her.


Paige said...

cute, but is that baby wearing his clothes to bed? Shame!

Dan Neville said...

How about addressing the birth control on your street w/ the actual people living there too? The only thing that comes close to as dangerous as the gauntlet of feral cats you have to dodge on the way to your house is the gauntlet of random children on bikes, roller-blades and who otherwise just seem oblivious to the fact that the blacktop play area they have also being a travel zone for vehicles.

Barbara said...

Interesting to know.