Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Hello everyone. I've got a very important question for you all. There are several parts to this question. Please answer as thouroughly as you can.

Other than in a medical emergency (when head stitches or brain surgery is involved), When is is okay to cut a child's hair WITHOUT the mother's consent?

Is it okay for a dad to give the go ahead on a buzz cut for a 10
month old baby boy without asking mom?

How 'bout grandparents??? Can a grandparent cut (trim the bangs) of a 3 year old without asking mom?

Last question: Is there an age that sons and daughters reach that makes any of the above situations okay?

Our marriage (I mean me, of course) appreciate all of your answers. Thanks!


Paige said...

The answer to that question is NEVER. No one can make the decision except Mommy, esp. not Dad or grandparents. A child's hair is very important to a mom. I believe the legal age limit for adulthood is 18. They can make their own decisions then!

hollybygolly said...

Oh, are you talking about me giving your son a haircut? Yes, if you are unable to do so on your own, by all means let every able body do so. Hair grows