Monday, March 24, 2008

Owen's Ears (part 2)

Looks like we're on our way to getting tubes. Chiropractic isn't going to work for our little guy. It was worth a try though. I'm sure it works for some kids, Owen's just one of the more extreme cases.

Turns out my nephew has to get tubes also. They've been putting it off for years because Lance is so active (which you can't be with tubes). Her doc told her not to use the doctor that we had seen. Grrreat. So I called to switch because it's my baby and I don't care why our doc wasn't up to par, I just know that if anyone has a negative opinion about someone that is supposed to slice into my child, they're out. Apparently it is against the rules to switch doctors. Well, it's highly frowned upon. I got a load of garbage from the receptionist about how I have to get the approval of both doctors. And about how wrong it is to switch and how unethical it is for one doc to say something against another. Have any of you had a similar experience? I actually felt like I was doing something wrong!

I called back this morning to make a complaint and am waiting for the office administrator to call me back. If you have had a similar experience, what did you do???


Unknown said...

Who cares what the receptionist says- it's your child and you can choose the doctor that you want to see, you're paying for it! I've never had an experience like that personally, but I'm really skeptical of almost all doctors. When I was pregnant I saw probably 5 different dr's before I found the one I liked. Trust your gut instinct and go with the doctor that you feel best about!

By the way, good luck with the tubes, hopefully it helps Owen!

Nicole said...

Hey, this is Nicole Rollins...your blog is great and makes me laugh, except for this post which brings up all sorts of ugly feelings! I hate dealing with doctors (I have many long stories regarding docs for me and docs for my kids, call if you want them). My best advice is to try hard not to be intimidated by them and their snotty receptionists (this is becoming easier, but is still tough for me). I feel my blood boiling when I feel like I'm getting treated like I'm stupid or doing something wrong and then I can't even talk straight to get my thoughts out clearly, which leads me to believe I'm stupid and doing something wrong! Oh, I could go on!!

Like Camille said, trust your gut and go with your instincts! If you end up staying put the doc/patient relationship will always be akward because he'll know you don't want to be there and you'll always wonder if you should have switched like you thought you should have! I had never realized how hard it was to find a doc that you really love...I'm thinking it's impossible! Good luck!

Tana said...

You get to be the boss of your medical best interests. Don't let them keep you down. But you could talk to the doctor about your concerns first too. He may want you to go to the other docter anyway! Good Luck. Tana